Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Deep in the Roots Hair Salon in Lancaster, TX

Are you tired of flat ironing your natural locks? Do you want to try some new "natural" styles like a two strand twist?

I recommend Deep in the Roots Hair Salon in Lancaster, TX. I don't wear "natural" styles however a lot of my "natural" style lovers use this salon. She makes her own shampoo and conditioners. She loves educating clients about natural hair maintenance and styles.

If you are looking for a stylist that specializes in "natural" hair styles like locs, twist, kinky twist, braids, corn-rows etc, this is definitely a salon worth checking out.


Valerie at Salon Red in North Richland Hills, TX

I had the pleasure of visiting valerie at Salon Red. The salon is located at 7956 Davis blvd, North Richland Hills, tx.

When I entered the salon I was greeted by a cheerful receptionist. I didn't wait very long before Valerie came and greeted me and took me to her work station. The salon is nicely decorated with beautiful hard wood floors. Valerie's work area was neat, clean and organized. Before my appointment visit, I had a consultation with Valerie.  During the consultation, we discussed my desires and needs as it relates to my hair.  So on the day of the appointment she knew exactly what I wanted and we got started.

The first service I received was a deep conditioning. After that, Valerie used flat irons only (my favorite styling technique) to straighten my hair. She straightened my hair very well. I was impressed with her skills with the shears. My hair was trimmed very evenly, very symmetric (believe it or not this is very hard to accomplish). She didn't OVER trim (some stylist get trimming happy) she trimmed what needed to be trimmed, nothing more. I was happy about this because I am trying to grow my hair longer.

I was also impressed with her patience. I had to bring my child with me to the appointment. Valerie was very patient and made me feel comfortable about having to bring my child to the appointment.

Valerie was very down to earth and was pleasant to talk too. I enjoyed getting to know her.

I also had the opportunity to interact with the owner, Jo Ann. She was very nice and engaging.

I recommend Valerie to other Dallas natural women. I loved the final result. I think you all will be pleased if you choose to visit Valerie

Friday, August 31, 2012

Lanre at Michelle Patrick Salon, Dallas, TX

Do you plan to wear weave during your transition? Or maybe just during the summer months because you sweat a lot in your head?

I found one of the most dynamic weavers in Dallas. Her name is Lanre at Michelle Patrick Salon in Dallas.
I don't wear sew in weaves so I haven't been in her chair however I witnessed her work.

I was walking into the Cupcake shop on Mckinney (uptown) when a lady walked in with a beautiful head of hair. I loved her hair so much, I had to ask for her stylist. She laughed and explained to me that she was wearing a sew in weave!! I was shocked because it looked so realistic! She told me her stylist was Lanre at Michelle Patrick Salon. Obviously, I grabbed my cupcakes and rushed over to Michelle Patrick Salon to meet this "LANRE."

Lanre was super nice and had super funky style. She performed a brief consultation and answered all my questions about weaves. She even told me where to go to get the best weave and if my memory doesn't fail me I think she said "ExtensionPlus." She even told me what type of hair I needed to get the "realistic" look.

She also works with natural hair however I haven't seen her work in this field.

If any of you check out Lanre, please let me know what you think

Natural Hair Tip

Are you getting bored with transitioning? Have you been fully natural for a few years and need to spice things up? I have the solution for you! Go to your favorite stylist and ask for a DEMI color. Coloring your natural hair a few shades darker with a DEMI hair color will not only make your hair appear richer but it will also add a much needed GLOSS!!!

I added a dark DEMI color some months ago and I was shocked at the difference the color made. The most significant change for me was the gloss. My hair was so shiny! I love it. Currently, I am growing out my black dye however I still get a gloss over my natural hair color! I just love it!

I hope this tip helps you enjoy your natural hair even more!

Best Flat Irons for Natural Hair

A flat iron can make or break your hair! You wear your hair everyday, it is worth investing in your hair!
Professional flat irons feature the most sophisticated technologies and provide the best styling. They maintain higher, more consistent temperatures, usually offer temperature controls, have higher-quality plates and deliver salon-like results (that's why they're used in salons!). When choosing a flat iron, it's important to consider your hair type and length.

I have shoulder length kinky hair so there are certain things I look for in a flat iron:

  • The MOST important thing for me is that the plates touch 100%. When you clamp down on the flat iron, if you hold the flat iron up in the light and you can see any space between the plates, THIS MAY NOT BE THE FLAT IRON FOR YOUR KINKY HAIR! In my experience, the only flat irons that are effective in straightening my kinky hair, are the flat irons which plates touch the entire plate length
  • It is very important to have a flat iron with temperature controls
  • The plate material is essential. I like ceramic.
  • Plate size is important and depends on the length of the hair being straightened. I have 2 flat irons I work with daily. I have my super small Babyliss and my 1 inch Digital CHI flat iorn (made in the USA).

I have tried all the top rated flat irons such as Sedu, Babyliss, Solia and CHI. The only flat iron thus far that has made a major impact on my hair has been CHI.

FHI runway flat iron is very good from what I have heard HOWEVER it is very expensive. I haven't purchased this iron yet.

Relaxed and Natural Healthy Hair Studio

KB has moved to the High Tower Salon. Her new salon is named Relaxed and Natural Healthy Hair Studio.
It is located at the High Tower Salon in Irving, TX, Suite 238!
Her website:

Go check out KB! She specializes in natural hair!

BEST STYLIST: Textured Tresses by Kira in Irving, TX

Kira has moved to the High Tower Salons in Irving, TX. Previously, Kira worked at Pure and Health Salon in Irving. Kira's new shop name is Textured Tresses by Kira.

Kira is truly one of the best natural hair stylist in Dallas. If you are transitioning, I recommend stopping by Kira's shop. She can answer all your transitioning hair questions!

Here is some of what I wrote about Kira in my orginal post about her:

Kira took me back to her chair and discussed with me my needs and desires for my hair. She gave me realistic expectations and recommendations. The finished product was much more than I expected. My hair was silky, straight, shiny and full of body. I like my hair very straight at the roots and Kira was able to get to the roots (without burning me) . So I was very very satisfied. I absolutely loved my hair! Kira did not use a straightening comb which I found was a PLUS! She was able to straighten my entire head with flat irons which I have been told is healthier for your hair. At the time of my visit, I needed a hair trim. Kira trimmed my hair to perfection. I was very satisfied with my hair cut. She seemed to be very excited about my hair and the possibilities. This excitement was contagious! Her hair styling techniques were innovative and effective. Kira also had very stylish hair. She is natural and wore what appeared to be a two strand twist with flavor! I consider myself a very knowledgeable client so I was very happy to find that Kira was extremely knowledgeable about everything natural! I began to trust her more and more the more she spoke to me about natural hair and the process of maintaining natural hair.