Friday, August 31, 2012

Lanre at Michelle Patrick Salon, Dallas, TX

Do you plan to wear weave during your transition? Or maybe just during the summer months because you sweat a lot in your head?

I found one of the most dynamic weavers in Dallas. Her name is Lanre at Michelle Patrick Salon in Dallas.
I don't wear sew in weaves so I haven't been in her chair however I witnessed her work.

I was walking into the Cupcake shop on Mckinney (uptown) when a lady walked in with a beautiful head of hair. I loved her hair so much, I had to ask for her stylist. She laughed and explained to me that she was wearing a sew in weave!! I was shocked because it looked so realistic! She told me her stylist was Lanre at Michelle Patrick Salon. Obviously, I grabbed my cupcakes and rushed over to Michelle Patrick Salon to meet this "LANRE."

Lanre was super nice and had super funky style. She performed a brief consultation and answered all my questions about weaves. She even told me where to go to get the best weave and if my memory doesn't fail me I think she said "ExtensionPlus." She even told me what type of hair I needed to get the "realistic" look.

She also works with natural hair however I haven't seen her work in this field.

If any of you check out Lanre, please let me know what you think

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