Friday, August 31, 2012

BEST STYLIST: Textured Tresses by Kira in Irving, TX

Kira has moved to the High Tower Salons in Irving, TX. Previously, Kira worked at Pure and Health Salon in Irving. Kira's new shop name is Textured Tresses by Kira.

Kira is truly one of the best natural hair stylist in Dallas. If you are transitioning, I recommend stopping by Kira's shop. She can answer all your transitioning hair questions!

Here is some of what I wrote about Kira in my orginal post about her:

Kira took me back to her chair and discussed with me my needs and desires for my hair. She gave me realistic expectations and recommendations. The finished product was much more than I expected. My hair was silky, straight, shiny and full of body. I like my hair very straight at the roots and Kira was able to get to the roots (without burning me) . So I was very very satisfied. I absolutely loved my hair! Kira did not use a straightening comb which I found was a PLUS! She was able to straighten my entire head with flat irons which I have been told is healthier for your hair. At the time of my visit, I needed a hair trim. Kira trimmed my hair to perfection. I was very satisfied with my hair cut. She seemed to be very excited about my hair and the possibilities. This excitement was contagious! Her hair styling techniques were innovative and effective. Kira also had very stylish hair. She is natural and wore what appeared to be a two strand twist with flavor! I consider myself a very knowledgeable client so I was very happy to find that Kira was extremely knowledgeable about everything natural! I began to trust her more and more the more she spoke to me about natural hair and the process of maintaining natural hair.

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