Friday, August 31, 2012

Natural Hair Stylist in Dallas?

When I first started transitioning, I had the hardest time finding information regarding natural hair stylists in the Dallas area. I searched the Internet hoping to find an abundance of information regarding natural hair stylists. I had no such luck. I was really shocked because Dallas, TX is a very large city. I assumed before embarking on this natural journey that I would have tons of different hair stylists to choose from. I was sadly mistaken.

After discovering the lack of information regarding hair stylist for natural women in Dallas, I decided to make it my hobby to search high and low for talented natural hair stylists. I found hair stylists via word of mouth, the Internet, natural hair forums, etc. You name it, I tried it. Some salon visits were better than others. I encountered a few stylists that were not very honest about their experience with natural hair. But I also found some stylist that really did have a talent and patience to style natural kinky hair.

So my journey began out of a need for a natural hair stylist. My journey continues because I want to share the information I learned as well as showcase some of the great stylists that I encountered with other Dallas area natural women.

This blog will not consist of any negative information regarding stylists that were not so talented in regards to natural hair. This blog will ONLY showcase the talented hair stylists that specialize in natural hair! Also, please remember that each person's experience may be different. This is simply my experience.

I continue to search for talented stylists in the Dallas area. Therefore, please feel free to email me with suggestions of natural hair stylists you think I might want to visit.

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